Kids say the darndest things! Can they say them in school?

The First Amendment protection extends to various forms of speech, including written communication, oral communication, and expressing opinions through attire. While these protections are unquestionable for adults, our younger citizens are not always able to exercise their First Amendment rights. The Supreme Courts has offered different levels of protection to the speech of minors in school, from complete protection of the right of student to wear black armbands to protest against the Vietnam war (Tinker v. Des Moines) to carving an exclusion to this protection with regard to “drug speech” (Morse v. Frederick).

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Network Citation Map of School Free Speech Cases

Explore this network map based on the citations these famous school free speech cases used in their decisions and the cases that cited them down the line. Red colored cases were decided in a conservative direction and blue colored ones in a liberal direction. Size of the case corresponds to the number of citations that case has received.

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